Our Team

Danil Lipatov

Attorney, partner in the law office

Graduated in 2000 from the Moscow State Social University with a law degree.
Master of Laws.Worked in the legal profession since 2000.
Fields of specialization: criminal and civil law.
Working languages: Russian and Estonian.

Jelena Karzetskaja


Graduated from the  Faculty of Law of the International University of Social Sciences “LEX” in 1997. Persued her master studies at the Faculty of law of the Moscow State Social University in 2003 and of the Private Academy NORD in 2009. Started her judicial practice in 1997. Legal spheres: international law, administrative law, civil law and procedure, labor law.
Languages: Russian, Estonian, English

Julia Anderson


Graduated in 2006 from the Tallinn Business College with a degree in law. Holds a bachelor’s degree.
Worked in the legal profession since 2005.
Field of specialization: civil law.
Working languages: Russian, Estonian and English.

Ljudmila Lokai

Assistant manager, accountant.

Graduated in 2002 from the Tallinn University with an administrative management.  Holds a bachelor’s degree. Other diplomas in specialties: clerk, archivist, accountant. Work Experience since 1997.
Working languages:  Russian, Estonian