03 October 2016 Law firm Progressor Õigusbüroo OÜ and the Tallinn City Government resume their joint project of offering free legal advice on family law, right of succession and right of obligation to the residents of the Lasnamäe city district.

This project proved to be in high demand among city residents. Therefore, starting from October, free consultations from the lawyers of the Progressor law firm will be available again. The consultations shall start from the first Monday of October (03 October 2016) and take place every Monday at the Lasnamäe City District Government building from 10.00 to 14.00 on pre-registration basis.

03 May 2016. The Law firm Progressor Õigusbüroo OÜ and ESTLEX OÜ, the keeper of the most authoritative database of legal acts in Estonia, have entered into a partnership agreement.

According to the agreement, our law firm is a partner in editing Russian-language texts of Estonian legislative acts that have been published in Russian.

In December 2015, Law firm Progressor and the Lasnamäe City District Government launched a new joint social project, in the framework of which the residents of the city district could apply for free professional legal aid in matters of family law. The first stage of the project was completed in June 2016. During this period, 147 people received legal assistance.

In August 2015, based on a financial analysis, the Law firm Progressor was assigned the title of a successful Estonian company for the second consecutive year.


In June 2015 the Estonian Patent Office made a decision to register the trademark of Law firm Progressor. On the trademark is stylized figure of the white queen on a black field, and name of the law office.

In May 2015 Law firm Progressor became a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

On 22 April 2015, the Tallinn Administrative Court made a decision in administrative case No. 3-14- 50041 regarding advertising payments in Tallinn. With this decision, Progressor law firm won the case concerning the enforcement of the Advertising Act against the Tallinn City Enterprise Department. Link

On the 19 October 2014, in cooperation with the Tallinn City Government, the Law firm Progressor held a seminar on the topic of legal regulation of apartment association activity. As part of this event, the following topics were covered:

  • Legislative regulation of apartment association activity
  • Regulation of calling and holding a general meeting
  • Apartment association member debts collection

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